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Amphores produites en Égypte /
Egyptian amphorae
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TYPOLOGY Egyptian Amphora TYPE 3
Classified as: AE 3; Margham Type, Hermopolis A - Sub groups of AE3 in MGR
Conservation Place : Alexandria Graeco-Roman Museum
INVENTORY Inventory No: R.163
Diameter of rim: 13 cm
Diameter of foot: 2,5 cm
Height: 110.5 cm
Height of the handles: 14,5 cm
Section of the handles: Oval
Capacity: 31.65 lt
Description: Triangular canonic rim, ear formed handles, grooved neck, elongated body tapering with a conic solid spike. Complete amphora. Fermantation hole on the neck. Few cracks on the body.
Recent Bibliography of AE3
Recent Bibliography : EMPEREUR-PICON 1998, p. 77, fig. 4;  SENOL-SENOL 2000, p.131, fig. 6; SENOL 2001, p. 390, fig. 10.1; LAUBENHEIMER 2007, p. 654, fig. 1
FABRIC Colour of the clay : 2.5 Y 4/8 red
Colour of the slip :
Colour of the surface : 5 YR 5/3 reddish brown
10 R 6/4 pale red
Inclusions :
Calcerious, sandy
Texture : Medium hard, Mareotis calcerious clay
PRODUCTION Production area : Egypt, Mareotis coast; production of various forms  of AE 3 amphorae, Fayoum; El-Ashmunein; Quft; El-Kab;  Zawiet el-Maietin  
Production reference :
Abd-el FATTAH 1998, p. 45, fig. 9-10; El- ASHMAWI 1998, p. 55-59, figs. 1-6; EMPEREUR-PICON 1998, p.77
Dispersion :
Mediterranean Basin
Content : Wine
Date : Mid 1st c. AD
Chronology: Late 1st c. BC- late 2nd c. AD
AE3 dessin
AE2 photo
Drawing Reference :
Photo Reference :
AE3 Micro
AE3 Micro
Microphoto Reference : DI.1966 Microphoto Reference : DI.1905
AE1 Production AE3 dispersion
Production Map Reference :
See detailed Map 4